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Monday, September 30, 2013

Where is The Swan Bonnet?

The Swan Bonnet is being re-published.  It is unavailable for a short period.  GMTA Publishing was not the venue for the book.  I have decided to continue its publication myself, rather than seeking another publisher.  The publisher will change to Couchgrass Books and the book will have another cover.

It was in publication for little more than two months.  GMTA has made changes in its policies and will be only a digital publisher in the future.  I did have a chance to drop out of their contract a few months before publication, as did the other authors, and I should have done so.    The contract was for only a year which was coming up in November.  But with their many changes, it was agreeable when they wanted to be released from it, though  inconvenient.

When I signed with them, they were listed at Preditors and Editors without much comment.  Not many weeks after I signed the contract, I was disappointed to see that their listing had changed to Not Recommended.  Preditors and Editors lists publishers for author edification however it is a trusted source for many people.  So I was relieved to be free of that.

The Swan Bonnet will be in paperback and also in Kindle format, probably in the next week or two.

In January 2009, I posted the first third of  The Swan Bonnet at  It reached the HarperCollins Editor’s Desk in 2010 where it received a positive review.  After that, it was tied up for a few years while I sought an agent, with three requesting the full manuscript.  As a historical book and an environmental mystery with a teenage protagonist, it doesn’t fit easily into a particular genre.  I would prefer to have it available soon.

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