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Friday, August 5, 2016

Tug of the Wishbone, a new novel, on Kindle Scout

On and off for years, I have worked on a book of adult fiction which is now titled Tug of the Wishbone. The novel chronicles the first thirty years in the life of a child of divorce, especially her issues with relationships and marriage as she makes gains as a photographer.
Today, the first 5000 words of that book are at Kindle Scout for the public to sample and nominate if they think the book is one to read. All you need is an Amazon password. Anyone who reads this can click here and see my submission to the Kindle Scout program. Kindle Scout discovers new books, presents them to readers, and chooses books for digital publication. 

I think I have a stunning cover, designed by Bradley Wind.
Tug of the Wishbone began as short stories, five of which were published in literary journals. When my protagonist, Maureen, became a teenager, I found myself writing a novel. One year I finished the novel and then, later on, spent months with major revisions that made the novel shorter and more readable at 112,000 words. Book settings are in rural, town, and metropolitan Minnesota from the 1960's through the 1980's.
Kindle Scout has the entire manuscript though they publish only an excerpt for their program. Tug of the Wishbone can be sampled until September 4. I hope you will click to see the book, read the excerpt and about it, and nominate it. And explore Kindle Scout if you haven't already.