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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Swan Bonnet is published again

The Swan Bonnet is now re-published by Couchgrass Books.  Paul Beeley of Create Imaginations has done this superb new cover. 

It is available as a Kindle book and priced at .99 right now.   That will be the price for some weeks, at least, to make up for any confusion about the book.  

Also, The Swan Bonnet is available in paperback from Store. The paperback is forthcoming at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram’s. 

Since the book reached the HarperCollins Editor’s Desk at in 2010, it has had its journey to publication.  I am very pleased to present it in its more permanent state.

Unbeknown to Dawn, her grandfather has shot an old swan out of mercy. In their coastal Alaskan town, her father buys the swan pelt, preventing her Uncle Alex, a fur trader, from selling it for export. Dawn’s father surprises her part-Aleut mother with a hat she helped to make and also with an idea to catch poachers. Shooting swans has become illegal but Alaska is a territory and Prohibition occupies the Sheriff.

Dawn and her mother become involved with suspicious inquiries about the swan bonnet besides its haunting effect. Because Dawn’s grandparents see the swans first, Dawn agrees to secretly watch the migration with the deputy sheriff’s son. But after she and her mother encounter women from a ship and find out about a hunting party, they ride to the inlet. There are townspeople roving the shore too but who is the vigilante and who is the poacher?

"What a relaxing, classic, and vibrant story."  - HarperCollins review at